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Department Of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

The dental unit of Madras Medical College came into existence in August 10th 1953. A separate building was constructed and started functioning from 1961 as Madras Dental College.

The post-graduate course in Endodontics was commenced in -----

BDS students attend pre-clinical lab classes in first and second years for which they are assessed before entering clinics in their third year. BDS students have to be adept with GIC Fillings, Amalgam restorations , temporary restorations anterior root canal treatment, jacket crowns and inlay restorations.

The CRRIs (interns) are posted in the department on rotary basis for 1 month. They take up anterior light cure composites and pre-molar root canal treatments in addition to inlays and crowns.

In the specialty, 6 MDS students are admitted every year based on All-India and State level Competitive Entrance examination. In the post-graduate section, apart from the above mentioned treatments, posterior root canals, cast post / pre-fabricated post- core build-ups, posterior composite restorations, indirect cast metal/ composite, ceramic inlays/ onlays, direct and indirect veneers, vital and non-vital bleaching, full metal/ ceramic crowns, peri-apical surgeries, reattachment of fractured teeth ,re-implantation , FRC restorations are done at minimal cost (as set by the government) and on a routine basis.

Post-Graduates are trained at full mouth rehabilitation procedures and to use the optical microscope. Weekly seminars and journal clubs are conducted . Library dissertation and a thesis too form a part of their course curriculum of 3 years.

Dr.M.KAVITHA : Professor & HOD

Dr.S.JAI KAILASH : Associate Professor

Dr.P.RAMAPRABHA : Associate Professor

Dr.K.AMUDHALAKSHMI : Civil Sur. & Asst. Professor

Dr.P.SHAKUNTHALA : Assistant Professor

Dr.A.NANDINI : Assistant Professor

Dr.D.ARUNARAJ : Assistant Professor

Dr.G.VINODH : Assistant Professor

Dr. SHARMILA M.S. : Assistant Professor

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