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Admissions for Under graduate course and Post graduate course are made through by the Selection Committee of Tamilnadu Government and through All India Entrance Examinations. The courses offer in this Institution are as follows

Under Graduate
B.D.S Course
100 Seats
Post Graduate
M.D.S Course
042 Seats


006 Seats


006 Seats


006 Seats


006 Seats


003 Seats


006 Seats


005 Seats


003 Seats
Dental Mechanic Course
006 Seats
Dental Hygienist Course
006 Seats
Ph.D ( Prosthodontics, Oral Medicine and Radiology)
006 Seats

Teaching Staff
  • No. of Professors - 19
  • No. of Assistant Professors - 40
  • No. of Lectures

Even though the college is administratively a separate entity, this institution is functionally integrated with in parent Madras Medical College and Government General Hospital as mentioned below.

  1. Basic Medical sciences, General Medicine and Surgery are being taught at Madras Medical College and Hospital.
  2. Theatre facilities and in patient bed:- In addition to a surgical theatre at Dental college , the main theatre facilities are a available at Govt. General hospital.
  3. Post graduates undergo special training in CT&MRI at Govt. General hospital and Cancer Institute.
  4. Department of Oral Surgery has beds in Male ward, Female Ward and in Children ward under the Head of the Oral Surgery department.
  5. Hostel facilities for both Male & Female students are provided in the respective Madras Medical College Hostels.

The faculties of this institution have been appointed as examiners for various Universities, Inspectors of Dental Council of India. They participate in various National and International conferences. They are posted in the dental clinics of Secretariat and Central Prison. The Diploma in National Board of Examination has been conducted in the Department of Prosthodontics, Department of Oral Maxillo Facial Surgery and Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology at this institution. All the professors are posted as Inspectors of State Government, Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University and also Dental Council Of India. This is the only Government Dental College functioning from 7.30 AM to 5 P.M. The College has a Good Library and also a huge library at Madras Medical College. One of the Important aspect is that the students are trained in the Madras Medical College which has an Out patient strength of 10,000 (Ten thousand patients ) per Day. The Government is spending an enormous amount for the Development of the only Government Dental college & Hospital. The Government intends to expand the present dental college and intends to construct a Separate Hostel for ladies and Gents. The Government has allotted an additional 2.8 Acres adjacent to the existing Dental college there by the DCI 's criteria of 5 Acres for a dental college is being achieved.

Seminars and Visiting Professors

The dental wing of MMC was fortunate to have a galaxy of dental teachers from various parts of the world to exchange information and conduct seminars for the benefit of the P.G. students. These research findings, proceeding of seminars and symposium have been adequately documented and also presented at various national and international conferences.

Academic Activities

C.R.R .I are posted in various department have very good clinical exposure under the able guidance of faculties. The Undergraduates, C.R.R.I, Postgraduates, faculty, Nurses & Para Medicals are encouraged to present scientific papers in various dental conferences and in the clinical society meetings held regularly every month in this Institution.

Research Programmes

In 1963, the first research program under the guidance of the PL 480 with American aid of 4.5 lakhs was initiated at the dental wing, MMC and proved to be the corner stone of Resource in the field of periodontics in south India. In addition, schemes of the SRC funds are utilized for Research Programmes and are widely appreciated. This institution has numerous project financed by the Tamil Nadu state, State Dental Council, Tamilnadu, Dr. M.G.R Medical University and Tamilnadu State Aids control society.


Scholarships for the socially and economically backwards are awarded every year and a book bank is available in the College exclusively for them. The graduates of this college thus benefited, are scattered all around the globe, doing remarkably well and have enhanced the reputation of our institution.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The silver jubilee celebrations were organized at the Madras Medical College in 1978 and was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister. A fervent plea was made at that time to grant independent status for the college on grounds of administrative productivity and this resulted in the college becoming independent. It should not however disregard the fact that the hostel facilities, teaching of basic subjects, operation and ward facilities are fortunately still associated with the MMC & GH. One of the Important land mark is the biggest Institute with more than 3000 bedded hospital with the out patient of 10,000 (Ten thousand patients) per day with dedicated staff.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations

The year 2003 was Golden Jubilee year of Tamil Nadu Government Dental College. The Golden Jubilee celebration was inaugurated by the Honorable Health Minister, Health Secretary, Director of Medical Education. The first batch (1953) students of Tamil Nadu Government Dental College were felicited. The 50th year college magazine was released & the cultural programmes & sports, agogged with students activities were conducted in a vibrant fashion.

Community Dental Health Camps

The usefulness of any health profession is measured by how much of public suffering it can alleviate. With prevalence of Oral diseases steadily increasing, the best way to provide good Oral health is by running an effective Preventive programme. The Tamil Nadu Government Dental College & Hospital, Chennai has been a forerunner in providing Preventive (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary) services to all sections of the public, with special orientation to the under privileged & rural masses.

The provision of the free tooth powder by Dr.B.P.Rajan. The assessment of fluoride levels in potable water and conduction of various camps in the entire state of Tamil Nadu by Dr.N.Gnanasundaram & the Oral Health survey of the state by Dr.M.B.Aswath Narayanan are ample proof of this. Twenty four NGO's utilise the services of this department. School Teachers, Nursing Students, Medical undergraduate students & Post graduates in Community Medicine are routinely educated through a structured programme.

More than 1500 Oral Health education and treatment camps have been conducted over the years, serving all segments of the population- unmatched by any other institution.

This is the third Government institution in the country (after Bangalore & Simla ) to have a post graduate programme in the speciality of Preventive & Community Dentistry.

Dental need of certain special groups like the Corporation School children, Policemen, Navy families Association, Handicapped children, Juvenile home inmates & nutrition students are specially taken care of.

Patient Care

The dental hospital works on all days of the year including Sundays . It takes in outpatients from 7.30am to 12.00 Noon. There is an emergency clinic in the afternoon working till 5pm.

On an average about 800 new patients and 200 old patients including adult, children and geriatrics reports to this institution with various common and rare dental diseases and mucosal lesions and all patient are examined in Dept of Oral Medicine and Radiology and referred to other speciality Departments.

The average monthly census of patients attenance seeking treament at various speciality Departments in Tamil nadu Government Dental College are as follows:

  • Oral Cancer: 9 patients
  • Pre-cancerous Lesions: 85 patients
  • Intra Oral X-Rays: 3131
  • Extra Oral X-Rays: 250
  • No. of Extractions: 7396
  • No. of Minor Surgeries: 277
  • No. of Major Surgeries: 39
  • No. of In Patients: 22
  • No. of various Conservative procedures: 3343
  • No of Prosthodontic procedures: 1496
  • No. of Orthodontic procedures: 2579
  • No. of Periodontic procedures: 3523
  • No. of Pediatric Patients: 1602
  • No. of Histo-pathological studies & smear studies: 73
  • No. of camps organized: 15
  • Out Patient strength for the year 2006 is 2,70,422. (Two Lakh seventy thousand four hundred and twenty two only)

The treatment procedures and the drugs are given at free of cost for poor patients. This is the biggest referral dental hospital drawing cases form various medical institutions and Government Hospitals of Tamilnadu. The staff have an Excellent rapport with the Medical college. The outpatient department has facilities of ICTC for testing HIV/AIDS

  1. Theatre facilities and in patient bed:- In addition to a surgical theatre at Dental college , the main theatre facilities are a available at Govt. General hospital.
  2. Department of Oral Surgery has beds in Male ward, Female Ward and in Children ward under the Head of the Oral Surgery department.


The Tamil Nadu Government Dental College and Hospital has created the right atmosphere for students to cope with scientific & Technological advancements in materials, processes and techniques and has sensitized them to the enhanced expectations of patients in dental care. The college has a tradition of not being teacher centered but lays emphasis on providing students with the tools and resources to enable them to be responsible for their own learning. With its past impressive record, the Dental College students can surely face the challenges of the future with confidence. The Departments of Prosthetics, Oral medicine & Radiology and Oral and Maxillo Facilal surgery recognized and DNB Examinations are conducted .Over the years, there have been many people, who have been responsible for the inception and growth of the College. It is not possible to identify them by name, but we salute them all. The college gets excellent students and they excel themselves in their academic / cultural and Sports activities with proper guidance of dedicated teachers.

Recently in the post graduate entrance examination conducted by AIIMS, AIPG & Tamil Nadu State for the year 2006, students from Tamil Nadu Government Dental College & Hospital have secured the first rank in all the three competitive examinations.

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